E Komo Mai!  Welcome!


Thank you for taking the time to review and evaluate my University of Hawaiʻi ETEC Master’s online module. Although still a work in progress, this module has been  developed as an educational prototype to re-introduce Hawaii's special places to the local Hawaiʻi residents with interesting stories of cultural and natural history in the naming of locations; in this case, the popular Hanauma Bay. You are being asked to participate because you are an educator with an environmental interest and your insight and experience are valued in determining the effectiveness of this module. There is no requirement to be a content expert or a teacher.

1.     At start, please read the informed consent letter.

2.     Complete the demographic survey to help define those participating in this review and is designed to gauge attitudes toward technology use in environmental education, field trips and general computer use.

Click here for link to Demographic Survey
3.     Review of the module begins on the page entitled, The Naming of Places in Hanauma. Please view all sections using the menu on the left to enter any of the sections or the navigational arrows will guide you through the module.  Estimated time to review the module, complete the demographic survey and post-survey is approximately 20-30 minutes.

4.     Upon completing your viewing of the online module, please complete the post-survey designed to gauge the effectiveness of the module.  Your suggestions and comments are important this module continues to be developed.

Mahalo nui loa,   Elizabeth Kumabe