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The north point of the bay.  Palea literally means “brushed aside.”

Palea Point outside Hanauma Bay    

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Geology at Palea: "Toilet Bowl"


What is the “Toilet Bowl”?

The terrace on the opposite side of the bay, heading out to Palea Point, ends at an inlet called the "Toilet Bowl". The “Toilet Bowl” is a channel of water located in a low area that separates two of the volcanoes (tuff rings) that form Hanauma Bay (including the public parking lot area, the visitor center area, and possibly ʻIhiʻihilauākea shown below). 


Waves passing through the channel constrict at a pit at the end of the channel, causing the water level to rise and lower rapidly like the flushing and filling of a toilet bowl.

Watch the video of the "Toilet Bowl" action below.
** Hazardous Ocean Conditions

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