E Komo Mai!  Welcome to the Naming of Places in Hanauma

As many are aware, Hanauma Bay is recognized worldwide as a premier protected marinelife district which hosts close to a million of tourists who visit the bay each year.  This popularity is not embraced by many of the local residents that remember the overcrowding issues that chased them out a couple decades ago.

Hanauma Bay is inviting the community back to the preserve to access its services and resources by reaching beyond the physical park boundaries using virtual and online media.  Although still a work in progress, this module has been  developed as an educational prototype to re-introduce Hawaii's special places to the local Hawaiʻi residents with interesting stories of cultural and natural history in the naming of locations It is hoped that this module can begin to serve as an educational web-based resource that will help our community to better understand other valued places of the islands through their stories and history, like Hanauma Bay, and malāma or care for our precious resources.

As with many best practices of instruction, this module is not meant to be a standalone instructional module but it designed to enhance learned information either before or after a visit.  As a pre-visit tool, the module will provide an introduction to the geography of the area and provide an orientation to the place names and its legends.  As a post-visit tool, it will reinforce and help to recall the geographical features and the cultural history that helped to define an area or a geologic feature.

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